Friday, January 11, 2008

Algae- the fuel of the future

I opened a magazine today and found an article on the use of algae as a biodiesel. Apparently algae grows fast, thrives on carbon dioxide (the very thing we want to get rid of); gives higher energy yield than soybeans or corn; grows on waste, either human or animal; and, as an added bonus, algae converts the waste back into natural resources such as nitrogen which can be used to fertilize the soil.

What a great deal! Why haven't we utilized this great resource a long time ago?

Farmers are already sweating due to the high price of corn and other grains, and it doesn't take a genius to realize that with the high demand for grain for use in biodiesels and for feed, food prices will go up.

Algae to the rescue.

A refinery is in the process of being developed in Kentucky, established by Alltech Biotechnology,

Way to go Kentucky!

For more information about algae as a biodiesel visit

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Border Terrier

We got a Border Terrier puppy!

He is about half-grown now and is quite adorable. Border Terrier's weigh up to 13 pounds when full grown. Their fur gets long and shaggy and has to be hand-stripped (pulled out by hand). They have powerful jaws and can chew like a big dog. The thing I like about him is his personality. He will lay at my feet all day as I type on the computer, or play with the kids when they are here. He adapts his activities to your moods and desires. I like this quality in a house dog, as a small dog that jumps on me and tries to get attention all the time, would drive me crazy. My daughter is 11, and he is her dog all the way. My 2 year old grandson loves him also, and they have a great time rolling around on the floor or running through the house together.

He doesn't bark much as long as he is around people. He does not like to be left alone! If anyone is considering getting a Border Terrier as a pet, they are great, but take into consideration that they like to be around people. If you leave them alone, they get upset and can shred flooring like you wouldn't believe. We learned this to the detriment of the bathroom linoleum. Now when we leave the house, we tie him outside under a tree or put him in a cage on the enclosed front porch.

All in all, he is a positive addition to our household. We did a lot of research on dog breeds before we chose the Border Terrier, and then did a lot of searching to find one. A breeder in Paris, Kentucky took pitty on us and gave us a good price. I'm glad we did the research and were willing to pay for a dog that would fit our lifestyle and budget because it has paid off and we love him.