Friday, May 29, 2015

Kitty, Say Cheese for the Camera

We all know technology has become a part of our daily lives, yet it is still fascinating to see the mixing of the old and the new. Take these pictures of my two grandchildren, James, the oldest, climbing off his four wheeler to take pictures of the youngest, Chase, with his tablet. They clearly show how the young of today have made computers a part of their daily lives. Yet, they also show that some things in life never change; that little boys still love playing in barns and still love kittens.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Battle-Scarred Tomcat

This is Orange, our tomcat. He has been in fresh battles recently as evidenced by his ragged nose. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Black Snake

I wanted to take pictures of the blackberry vines while they were in bloom. I was happily snapping away when I head a funny noise beside me. I looked around and there was a blacksnake. Bow, our cow dog, and the snake were only feet away from each other doing a face-off. I got some pictures before Bow and I eased away.

Snake Tree

It is warm, sunny and beautiful today in Kentucky; the kind of day that makes a person want to go outside and take pictures. We have a huge, old walnut tree behind our house, and I discovered that from a certain angle one of the branches looks like a snake.

I took lots of pictures from different angles and this is the one my daughter likes the best, so this is the one I'm posting.

Old Rock Building

This old rock building is on our property and who knows how long ago it was built. We can't decide how to fix it or even if it can be fixed, but we don't have the heart to take it down either. I think it add charm to the place and the cats, squirrels, and wood bees really love it.  I like how the evening light caught the corner of the building of the building, throwing the rest into shadow. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Stormy Skies

We had bouts of scattered rain today. Kentucky is beautiful in the spring with diverse shakes of green, bright blue skies, the brown of freshly plowed fields and the intriguing mixtures of black storm clouds and fluffy white clouds. The weather changes from minute to minute. I particular love stormy skies. Driving on the  double A highway from Maysville Ky, the sky started clouding up and I snapped these pictures.

This picture was taken from the wooden bridge that crosses the creek onto our property.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Abandon House

While going to Cave Run Lake in Morehead Ky. the other day, I discovered this abandon house covered in vines and had to get a picture. Old houses, and places, especially abandoned old houses and places, have an particular ambiance, a unique atmosphere, that makes them individual and sometimes sinister.

Amish Schoolhouse

Yesterday we went to an Amish auction near Hillsboro Ky. The event was to raise money for the local Amish school. It was an overcast, rainy day and we got rained on several times throughout the day, but several large tents had been erected for the event so we did not get extremely wet. Items auction off included hanging flower baskets, chickens, saddles and tack for horses including a lot of gear for haflingers and work horses, a beautiful assortment of quilts, farm equipment, and household items. A couple of the items were interesting and harder to find such as the wood cook stoves and non-electric reel mowers. We had a good time and I came home with several boxes of assorted stuff, mostly junk, that I bid a dollar for, and an old table and an old rocking chair that we have no need for and no place to put, but I just had to have. I have not gone through the boxes yet, but you never know, there may be treasures in them. 

I snapped a couple of pictures of the Amish school and a couple of the buggies. I really like the bell on top of the school.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Pop's Southern Style BBQ in Morehead, Ky.

If you are in the area, eat at Pop's Southern Style BBQ. The food is excellent, reasonably priced, and the servings are huge. As you can see from the picture, they smoke their own meat and according to our waitress, they never freeze anything so everything is fresh. The meat takes a long time to process as it is slow cook, so sometimes they are out of a particular item. It doesn't matter though, just pick something else from the menu as all their food is good. The burgers are real burgers, not a frozen, processed burger and yummy.


Cave Run Lake in Morehead, Ky

We visited Cave Run Lake in Morehead, Ky. and took pictures around the lake. According to the US Department of Agriculture the lake is part of the Danial Boone National Forest and is 8,270 acres providing areas for camping, swimming, boating, fishing, hunting and trails for hiking and horseback riding. There are 12 ramps for boat launching and some of the campsites have RV hookups.

Here is a picture of the dam.

The dam has an overflow and the water looks like churning milk.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Dayton Power and Light in Maysville Ky

Snapped these pictures yesterday of Dayton Power and Light on the Ohio River. I was on the Maysville Ky side of the river. The smoke from these smokestacks can be seen for miles.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Yard Bones

I found this cow skull in our raspberry patch. Since we live in the country on a farm, our dogs drag in bones from all over. We find them lying in our front yard all the time. I tell our friends and neighbors that other people have yard ornaments as decorations; we have yard bones.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Picture of Simon Kenton Bridge, built in 1931, connecting Maysville Ky and Aberdeen Ohio.

Old Pottery Bowl With Red Flowers

I really like old pottery. I'm not sure who manufactured this old serving bowl, but the pattern is interesting. The flowers remind me of little creatures, owls maybe, and they seem to have eyes that watch you and a little mouth. Look at them upside down and they have still seem to have eyes. I've noticed that a lot of old pottery decorations have flowers that seem to have eyes.

Here's a picture of the bowl. Maybe someone out there knows who manufactured it.

Purple Rainbow

Interesting mistake picture taken from my phone as I was getting out of the car.